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Team Size

5 a side junior football

5 a side Football Tournaments

Have you got a young one who is mad about football? Maybe they’re bursting with energy and you’re looking for somewhere to channel all that endless activity...
7 a side junior football

7 a side Football Tournaments

Building confidence in the game, while staying fit and active, is an ideal way for youngsters to enjoy football. And there’s a lot to be said for playing in s...
9 a side junior football

9 a side Football Tournaments

As our children grow, they develop their football technique and understanding of the game by playing in smaller sides until they are ready to move towards the f...
11 a side junior football

11 a side Football Tournaments

So the football skills have been finely honed and you know the beautiful game inside and out. It’s now time to play competitively in 11 a side – perhaps you...

New ESF App

Your players will feel like they’re in the Premier League while they’re at ESF, with live results and league table updates taking place on the ESF App. Download it NOW!

Celebrity Presentations

Our spectacular presentations are always a tour highlight. Celebrity guests have included Kevin Keegan, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Wayne Bridge, Sue Smith, Casey Stoney, John Barnes and more.

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