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Our Individual’s Guide to Football Defending Tactics

26th January 2016
Following on from our last post, we want to give you a better idea of what you can do to help the team on the football pitch when off the ball. Sometimes, it ca...
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2017 Youth Football Tour Special Offer

28th August 2016
As the new football season kicks off again, we are delighted to say that it has been a record breaking year of football festivals at ESF this summer. If you’v...
individual attacking tactics

Pressing and Counter-Pressing

31st August 2016
A youth football team’s success never just depends on the talents of the individual player, nor their ability to score a goal, or avoid conceding one. Yes, th...
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Youth football tournaments in the UK & Europe

14th February 2016
If you have a youth football team or a youngster who is mad about the game, then a perfect opportunity to develop their talent and their love of the game is by ...
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Improve your Youth Team’s Shooting Skills

12th September 2016
There’s an art to being able to shoot accurately in football and often much of it comes with practice, greater spatial awareness and a good understanding of t...
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The benefits of playing youth football

28th February 2016
We all know that it’s important to stay fit and active for our general health and wellbeing in both mind and body. With Government statistics showing a concer...

Improve your youth team’s heading skills 

17th March 2016
When it comes to being successful on the football field, knowing how to head a ball and do it well is a really useful skill to have.Young players can often ...
Boys playing soccer

Top five tips for football parents

26th September 2016
We want the best for our children don’t we? That’s why we encourage them to work hard and be good at what they do. But, in among all the hopes and aspiratio...

Top tips on coaching your youth football team to victory!

23rd March 2016
Playing youth football can be a very exciting and rewarding pastime when you’re young, but it’s always 100 times better when you have a great coach. A c...
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Football Formations. Which One to Use?

10th October 2016
There are several football formations that a manager can choose for his or her team to get the best results, depending on team strengths, the state of play and ...

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Our spectacular presentations are always a tour highlight. Celebrity guests have included Kevin Keegan, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Wayne Bridge, Sue Smith, Casey Stoney, John Barnes and more.

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